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Our support line is the heart and soul of our chapter, and we are in need of kind-hearted people to answer the phone calls and texts we receive on a daily basis. Even committing to one day per week would ensure we provide the quickest and best possible care. Even if you have no experience with support lines, we have a robust training program to make sure you are comfortable speaking with people in need of resources, answers, or support.

Supporting individuals is our #1 goal, and you can play a major part in this work. By being part of our support volunteers, you can give comfort and advice one-on-one with people you share experiences with, lead breakout conversations at our support groups, and lend your voice to advocate for those you speak with. You will also receive training and guidance for navigating difficult situations and encourage others to share their stories.

We are in need of people to reach out to Bay Area organizations, schools, and small businesses to promote events, offer our support programs, and make meaningful connections within our city.

Do you have experiences to share and a story to tell? We’re looking for passionate individuals who are ready to be trained to speak at the schools, businesses, and other organizations that we have partnered with.

From photographing events and presentations to setting up filming for trainings to editing short video content, you can use your skills to help us share vital information and trainings.

Giving people in crisis a safe and reliable place to go is a necessity, and that’s why we’re constantly expanding our detailed list of Bay Area resources and organizations. You will be keeping an eye out in your daily life for solutions to pressing issues, and then writing the necessary info so we can add it to our resource list.

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